PR needs to be more like fruit salad - Women in PR lunch with Karen Blackett OBE

Striving for a time when public relations reflects the fruit salad that is Britain today was the crux of a talk today for Women in PR  by Karen Blackett OBE. 

Taking place in central London, Blackett, who  is chairperson of MediaCom, reminded those present of the need for industry practitioners to represent society if we are to serve the public effectively. 

Blackett spoke of her frustration of knowing every ethnic face at advertising and PR events because the industry is overwhelmingly white. 

Her top tips for women in PR were:

1) Be confident  

2) Celebrate success

3) Step into the limelight - be Gladys Knight, not the Pips

4) Find cheerleaders who will keep you focused and grounded

5) Know and share the real you; walk the talk

6) Ask for help

7) Learn when say no

 8) Be yourself and stay true to your purpose - surround you with people who will tell you the truth