Make your views known - none of us are helpless

Following the EU Referendum, a lot of people have said they feel ignored, angry and helpless. It doesn't have to be that way.

Whatever your views, you can write to your local MP expressing your thoughts and concerns, as well as making suggestions for positive action. You can find out who your local MP is here and here.

For example, here's a copy of the letter I sent to Rt Hon Alan Campbell MP today.  Feel free to copy and paste if you feel the same way.

Please don't sit and do nothing. It's up to us to push for change.


Dear <insert name>

I am writing to you as my local MP to register my concern about the recent EU Referendum result.

While many say democracy has taken place, I find this difficult to accept when the general public was misled on what it was voting for, and not least because the result is causing irreversible damage to the UK's economy and global reputation.

I have two requests:
1) You use your influence and vote to prevent Article 50 being invoked while negotiations take place, at least until there is a clear plan in place
2) You commit to action in terms of an ethical framework for political behaviour whether this is through a Code of Conduct or other means.

I have never been so ashamed of our political parties as I am now. Those in power clearly trade on deceit, untruths and personal ambition, rather than in the name of the public for the greater good.

I hope you will help move the country towards a brighter future in which we can again look to our politicians for leadership, integrity and positive change.

All the best

<Insert your name>