Podcast: a week is a long time in a #CIPRelection

I caught up with Stephen Waddington tonight, a week into voting for the CIPR elections, to talk through my manifesto and questions raised by members over the past few days.

Here are the questions that Stephen asked.

1. Listening to members

How are you feeling about your campaign, and the response from members?

2. CIPR Council election campaign

The campaign for the CIPR Council is especially noisy this year. What do you make of it?

3. Motivation

I challenged you on your motivation for standing in the election in our last podcast. Remind us of your answer, and have you anything that you want to add?

4. Plan for President Elect and President

What’s your plan as CIPR President-Election in 2017, and President in 2018?

5. Officer endorsements

Much has been made of endorsements for a rival candidate by the current Past President, and President Elect. Where do you stand on the issue?

6. Group endorsements

The CIPR North East and Scottish groups have endorsed you. Isn’t this any different?

7. #FuturePRoof

You’ve been called out for promoting #FuturePRoof during the election. How do you respond?

8. Key Performance Indicators

What will the CIPR look like in 2018 after your year as President?

9. Campaigning issues

Gender and equality have been raised as issues during the campaign. What’s your plan?

10. Getting in touch and voting

How do people reach you if they have any further questions? And how do they vote?