#CIPRelection: a podcast interview and a clear plan

CIPR Past President and fellow #FuturePRoof podcast host Stephen Waddington and I talk through my ambition and plan for CIPR President in 2018.

Three strategies

We cover the three strategies that I've set out in my plan for the CIPR based on the current three-year plan; and five pledges. 

  • To help the CIPR assert its vision and its place within society and our industry, and to align its purpose and offer accordingly
  • To reinforce public relations as a management discipline, with the aim of educating employers and the business community about the value it can bring
  • To seek new members and better serve the breadth of our industry

Five pledges to CIPR members

#1 Organisational empowerment and transparency

To ensure the viability and sustainability of the CIPR through scrutiny and robust business practices, as well as swift action where required. I’d lead monthly Twitter chats, quarterly reporting and provide support for Influence magazine.

#2 Membership and wider engagement

To use modern media to crowdsource conversation with members and non-members about the future of the profession, the CIPR and its vision and role. I’d also empower each member of Council to build relationships with a CIPR regional or sectoral group, and a professional organisation.

#3 Career journey for members

To define the member journey and the value to practitioners of membership. I’d modernise education so that it is clearly aligned with the Global Alliance competency framework.

#4 Industry leadership

To speak out publicly on behalf of the profession in support of the Charter commitment; and embed ethics within all activity and enhance the CIPR’s reputation. I’d seek partnerships with other professional bodies aligned to the CIPR’s vision and purpose.

#5 Campaigning issues

To publish benchmarks for salary scales within the profession, aligned to the career journey and establish a CIPR staff salary scale and diversity register.

Please let me know what you think. You can connect with me via email at sarah@sarahhallconsulting.co.uk and Twitter @hallmeister.

Disclosure: It's personal. Stephen and I have worked together on industry stuff for several years. We started dating in March.