#FuturePRoof: Edition Two launches to continue the biggest conversation ever about public relations

The first edition of #FuturePRoof ignited a massive conversation in the public relations profession about the future of practice.

More than 2,500 digital and hard copies have been downloaded and purchased. The project has engaged academics, practitioners and teachers in public relations around the world.

It has spearheaded discussions at conferences such as the PR Festival in Scotland, and the World PR Forum in Toronto and within professional organisations including the CIPR, PRCA and ICCO.

It’s with pleasure that I’m now able to share the second edition of the #FuturePRoof book. It features 39 fantastic chapters aimed as asserting public relations as a management discipline, improving daily practice and helping practitioners make sense of our fast-paced, continuously evolving world.

It’s been a labour of love but worth every painstaking minute spent poring over individual contributions to draw it all together.

It is always very humbling when people share their time and expertise in the way they have for this project. I could never have done #FuturePRoof justice on my own and it just shows what can be achieved when like-minded professionals come together for the greater good. I’m very grateful to everyone who penned a chapter.

There’s one person that I need to give a special thanks to. Stephen Waddington needs no introduction; it’s in many ways down to him that this whole initiative and community has taken shape and continues to thrive. Thank you Stephen for helping at every step of the way.

Finally, I’m dedicating this second edition to Dr Jon White.

It was my initial conversation with Jon that sparked the decision to use #FuturePRoof as a way to reinforce public relations’ role as a management discipline.

His research and critical thinking has signposted the way for our industry. I hope we now respond to his call to action to upskill and become the trusted strategic advisers to management teams everywhere.

The opportunity is there if we take it.

#FuturePRoof is available in hard copy via www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk and on Kindle via http://tinyurl.com/j8ocm4z.

Launch drinks are taking place at the PRCA in London from 6.30pm on Wednesday 7 September with all welcome.

To join the conversation follow @weareproofed and join the #FuturePRoof community on Facebook.