Individual action leads to collective action: are you playing your part?

The Women’s March on London yesterday (Saturday 21st January) was a great example of the difference between those who say, and those who do. 

We talk all the time in communications and public relations about calls to action and peer influence. The hundreds of thousands of women, men and children who turned out underlined exactly how successful both can be when people are brought together by a cause.

100,000 people attended the rally in London, one of many similar events around the world.

Protests are a means of activism. They’re a very social form of media and individuals are emboldened by standing together. We all have a voice and it becomes stronger when unified. We make new connections, create new networks and inspire each other.

It’s easy to talk about feminism and standing up for minorities but there are times that need more than words. I’d urge everyone to consider the part they can play in ensuring equality for all. The time for action is most definitely now.

What are you doing to close the gap between what you say, and what you do?