The CIPR needs you

We’re seeking an exceptional candidate for CIPR President-Elect 2018 to help promote excellence in public relations for members, the industry and general public.

At the end of August the next CIPR election will take place. We'll be looking for a new President-Elect and Board members.

The CIPR needs a cohesive Board focused on the Institute's best interests.

If you fit the eligibility criteria and have got what’s needed to take the Institute and public relations industry forward, I'd urge you to consider standing.

We need professionals willing to roll up their sleeves and help change the status quo. We won't do it overnight but have a chance to make a real difference during the year.

My manifesto has always clearly been about re-establishing the role of public relations as a management discipline and demonstrating the strategic value it can add when deployed effectively within organisations. It's where the opportunity lies.

This will be the theme of 2018 and I'm looking for people who, like me, want to improve the standing of our profession and help it grow.

It's a development of work by people including Anne Gregory; Ralph Tench; Betteke van Ruler; Ana and Dejan Verčič; Jon White; and Paul Willis; and many others whose thinking I greatly respect.

It returns the CIPR to its original purpose set out in its Royal Charter and the Credo written by founder Tim Traverse-Healy. 

I believe we can use their expertise and knowledge to the benefit of us all.

I'm incredibly keen to work with like-minded professionals who have no personal agenda except to see the Institute succeed.

Each person needs to be a critical friend to the Institute and also prepared to put their head above the parapet and stand up for what they believe.

It's not always easy. Just last week I blogged about how an anonymous comment has yet again put my personal relationship in the spotlight and called my professionalism into question. It’s nonsense and everyday sexism in action. 

This week a fellow Board member posted an article calling into question whether public relations is a management discipline. As it's someone who campaigned hard for a rival candidate and who knows that this forms part of the CIPR's strategic planning, it's hard not to take that personally.

But the thing is you can't. It’s petty internal politics. The CIPR Board, Council and members need to stay focussed on its purpose of promoting excellence in public relations for members, the industry and the public. That's when we'll succeed. 

Back to the election. If like me you're passionate about implementing culture change throughout the CIPR, want to reassert public relation’s strategic value within the wider community, can take the rough with the smooth and are excited about our future, please step forward.

You're needed and I'd love to work with you.