From Two Pints of Lager to more than 150,000 Twitter followers

Ralf Little has promised to speak candidly with me about personalities in politics and the importance of speaking out about injustice in a CIPR discussion on 30 January.

‘Ralf Little video accuses Jeremy Hunt of misleading public’‘Ralf Little challenges Jeremy Hunt to a debate on the NHS’ and ‘Jeremy Hunt shut down by Royle Family’s Ralf Little in 42 tweets after double daring actor to challenge NHS claims’.

These are just three of the news headlines that Lancashire-born actor and writer Ralf Little has generated in recent months.

Little is best known for his roles in The Royle Family, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, and as the writer, producer and star of Sky One's The Cafe. But it’s his public support of the NHS and his challenges on Twitter to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, that has most recently brought him notoriety.

On 30 January at the CIPR’s first ever Influence Live! event, I’ll be interviewing Little about his new-found status as a vocal advocate of the NHS. We’ll also talk about the how the debate has affected him personally, his career prospects and plans for the future.

During the forty minute Q&A I’ll be asking Little about personalities in politics and individual responsibility. Do celebrities have the right to use their public platforms to hold power to account or is it an abuse of influence? I’ll also ask how he deals with trolls and what he considers to be best practice in managing social media at its murkiest.

Little has offered a wide-ranging and open conversation about his career to date so I’ll be discovering whether actors are taught how to build a public profile while they are training; how he approaches his own brand management; how proactive he is about managing his reputation and whether negative coverage keeps him awake at night.

I’ll also be asking about the experience of working with a publicist, the amount of control he has over opportunities and what his plans are for the future.

Whatever your views on Ralf Little, Jeremy Hunt and the NHS, it’ll be a fascinating debate and a great way to way to kick off the Influence Live! series. Book now.