Public relations as a strategic management function

Today the CIPR's Education and Skills Group held a fantastic Going for Gold workshop led by CIPR President-Elect and Loughborough University marcomms director Emma Leech. This was followed by its AGM. I was invited along as CIPR President to talk about the 2018 plan and why we need to reframe public relations as a strategic management function.

One of the CIPR's biggest assets is the strength, depth and dedication of its volunteer network. It has numerous national, regional and sectoral groups who are often the main or only touchpoint for members.

This afternoon I was invited to speak at the AGM of the Institute's dynamic Education and Skills Group under the leadership of chair Alison Tobin.

As the CIPR's 2018 plan is focused on reasserting public relations as a strategic management function, I spoke about the need to reframe our work in this way, touched upon social purpose and provided a sneak peek at some State of the Profession survey results. 

You can see my presentation here.


Talking about PR as a strategic management function acts as a useful prompt for us to feel proud of what we do, but also to develop skills that allow us operate at the top of our game, speak truth to power and give credible advice based on knowledge, experience and insight.

It puts Chartered status at the heart of CPD, ensuring strategic, leadership and ethical skills are given the attention they deserve and become mainstream. 

If we hold financial, business management and consultancy skills we can command the respect of management teams by speaking their language. If we demonstrate what the true value of public relations is, the C-Suite will invest in it.

As far as I'm concerned, the business of public relations has a great opportunity to grow and succeed. We just need to step forward and take it.