CIPR Excellence Awards: Shining examples of public relations excellence

The CIPR Excellence Awards are a key date in the public relations industry calendar. It's always an enjoyable and glamorous night, which adds to the more serious point of what we are there to do - celebrate best practice. As CIPR President I had the pleasure of opening tonight's event with a brief welcome speech. Here's a copy of the speech for those who couldn't make it. 

I’m not going to stand here tonight to talk about public relations as a management function because every single one of you proves its strategic value to organisations daily.

I’m preaching to the converted.

Instead I want to thank you for being shining examples of public relations excellence and for demonstrating what best practice looks like.

The work that you do goes a long way to attaining and maintaining credibility with employers and the business community, which is critical to the health of our industry.

The CBI talks about the value of business. Well we talk about the value of PR to business and the work we are celebrating here tonight more than underlines its worth.

My sole ask tonight is a simple one.

If public relations is to be respected, we must continue the drive to professionalism. If you haven’t already, please make continuing professional development your route to achieving Chartered status and encourage your teams to do the same.

When this, and ethical, strategic and leadership competencies are the norm, we will know we have finally come of age.

Have a fantastic night tonight, thank you for all you do as public relations ambassadors and good luck!