How social purpose drives organisational success

I’m in Jersey today for the CIPR Channel Islands’ PR Forum on ‘The Value of PR’. It’s a fantastic event aimed at demonstrating the role that public relations plays in organisational success. Here’s the deck I’m presenting on PR and social purpose.

In today’s society, it’s no longer good enough for organisations to have a sole focus on making money. Consumers are increasingly looking to invest in brands which reflect their personal values and are actually doing good.

Social purpose is also rising up the corporate agenda. Earlier this year, Larry Fink of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, wrote in a letter to CEOs that businesses must have a social purpose and pursue a strategy for achieving long-term growth.

Purpose is important. It gives a business legitimacy; drives financial performance; aids engagement with stakeholders; and supports talent acquisition and loyalty.

When the then IPR was first created seventy years ago, its founders, coming from local government, had accountable leadership and social purpose at the front and centre of their work. That higher purpose is exactly what PR professionals once again need to focus on and offers a strong opportunity for the public relations industry today.

PR practitioners are well placed to help their employers find their ‘why’ and agree their ‘how’ - and build long-term, sustainable relationships between an organisation and its publics based on two-way engagement, transparency, authenticity and trust.

Ultimately PR can place social purpose and accountable leadership at the heart of organisational strategies to drive company value over the long-term.

It’s good for employees, it’s good for society, it’s good for business.