A proud father says...

A little while back, Sarah Hall Consulting Limited made a donation to The Sunshine Fund which enabled an autistic ten year old here in the North East to have his own iPad. Shown below is the lovely message received from his family. As you can see, a relatively small amount of money can go a long, long way to making someone's life a little better. If you'd like to get involved or donate, you can find out more here: http://sunshine-fund.org/fundraising-for-the-sunshine-fund/. Please give whatever you can - thank you. Hi Sarah,

My name is Bill, proud father to our 10 year old son Fynn. Fynn was diagnosed last year with autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia and that he is at a 5 year olds educational level. This didn't come as a shock to myself and my wife as unfortunately we knew there was something wrong with Fynn's learning ability from an early age as we have 3 other lovely kids so we picked up that something wasn't quite right. The good thing to come from the diagnosis was Fynn now has 26 hours statemented help at school.

Unfortunately after working at Rio Tinto Alcan for the past 12 years I was recently made redundant when the smelter closed. I like to think every cloud has a silver lining as at the moment I am able to spend quality time with Fynn and the rest of my family outside of school as he absolutely loves fishing for which I have recently bought him a license to fish on the river Coquet wish he loves and from a social point of view it fetches Fynn on as I can sit and discuss things with him on a 1 to 1 basis.

Your very kind donation to the Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund is greatly appreciated, as it has enabled us to purchase an IPad for Fynn which is fantastic as he now has 'apps' which help him with his dyslexia and he has came on 'leaps and bounds' in the last few weeks of getting it.

You should be very proud of yourself for the money you have donated as our son wouldn't be in the position he is now educationally without you as we couldn't afford an IPad.

We cannot thank you enough, the world needs more nice people like yourself.

Lots of love

The Griffiths family X