Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton talks entrepreneurship

leahDr Leah Totton, founder of Dr Leah Clinics, hasn't rested on her laurels since winning the Apprentice.

Determined to launch a range of cosmetic surgery clinics that would set the standard for providing safe and affordable treatment on the high street, she's now well underway with making this a reality.

When asked, Leah says she knew she was an entrepreneur when she realised she had a vision, she believed she could create it and then actually made it happen.

But even with Sir Alan Sugar as a business partner and mentor, as well as the investment and publicity from winning the programme, Leah has faced the same issues as other business start ups.

Brokering supplier deals, sourcing premises, choosing the right branding and managing staff have all created the same headaches for her as they do for other owner-managers.

Despite having had to navigate all this, Leah says it's a great time to be a woman in business.

"As of 3 March 2014, in the FTSE100 women now account for 20.7% of overall board directorships, up from 17.3% in April 2013. While 9/10 start ups fail, male entrepreneurs face the same issues as female ones so there is little disparity there.

"My view is if you have a dream and can make it happen, go for it."