Back on board - what about you?

Last Thursday in London I was voted back onto the Executive Board of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). The Board's role is to supervise the day-to-day operations of the Institute, providing guidance and direction. It is a big responsibility and one I take extremely seriously, along with my seat on Council. Friends and peers often ask why I give up time to fulfil this voluntary role, not least because I have a young business and two young boys. My answer always comes in two parts. Firstly, I am passionate about PR and believe strongly that those within the industry should work together to help it evolve and succeed. Secondly, it has to be said that the CIPR is only as good as we make it. By this I mean the member body will grow and thrive if we engage with it and communicate the type of support we would like to see (if not already provided). However hard the team works, the organisation can never fulfil its true potential without us.

Think the CIPR needs to modernise? Feel free to say so but get involved. Want different events on your doorstep? Chat to your regional committee and help them out. Have insights about the future of a particular sector? There's a committee that I'm sure would like to hear from you. Aside from a small and dedicated team at Russell Square, the CIPR relies on volunteers to make the magic happen because it's a not-for-proft organisation. Those giving time are just like you and me and you can make some great contacts while doing something worthy.

Many challenges face us as PR practitioners, but the CIPR is there to help and support, provide leadership, training and development and act as an ambassador on our behalf. If you want to remind yourself of its mission, vision and values you can do so here. Why not make 2013 your year to join in too?