Christmas cards to make you feel good - and take the pressure off!

Anyone who has just realised that Christmas is almost upon us and is panicking about cards and the like, never fear - is the site to visit and bookmark. I woke up yesterday with the dawning realisation that I no longer work in an agency which means (sinking stomach) no PA to organise the ordering of the corporate Christmas card and sort the recipient list. Boo.

Thankfully, a little bird whispered the name of this handy website into my ear, for which I remain rather grateful. For within a happy half an hour browsing the card selection, I was able to personalise my choice, add a company logo and message and complete the order - without being forced to order ridiculous numbers that a start up would never manage to distribute.  Bonus. I even then went on to order some for hubby and me, feeling good in the fact that each pack of cards will generate money for the charities I chose thanks to the extensive list available. Good deed for the day? Tick!

I have to say the service is second to none.  Having completed my order just the day before, this morning came a knock on the door and there was my parcel.  If only Royal Mail was so reliable!