CIPR Northern Conference live blog

Here I am at the CIPR Northern Conference in Leeds. Going to try and live blog my way through the day. Bear with me. The first session is with GHD's global marketing director Gavin Forth. Here's a few of the points I've gleaned:

Keep the love - PR is a great way to create & maintain emotional engagement with a product or service.

Ensure staff are fully briefed and kept up to date on all products & services - these are your brand ambassadors.

Create exclusive creative content for media and carry out one-to-one briefings.

Press launches / themed PR and experiential events have their place.

Sponsor key events and link to professional associations to add credibility.

Align with a celebrity underlining the brand attributes, particularly if you need a platform to reach your fan base / customers - especially useful if you're targeting a new international market such as the US.

Use strong photography & videos to tell the story.

Engagement via social media is critical to buzz and to track brand performance.

Industry guides such as a look forward to the coming season are ever popular.

Great session but one big fail - Gavin had some good evaluation techniques but couldn't align PR activity to sales and threw in an AEV figure when talking about ROI. Other than that, fab job. And btw, I love my GHDs!