Contentable - how to kickstart your content marketing strategy 

 Contentable is an event aimed at helping SMEs kickstart their content marketing strategy that takes place in Gateshead from 6 to 7 May.    I’m speaking on how content isn’t king if you don’t align your PR and marketing to your overall business strategy.    Too many brands chuck out any old rubbish to create noise on different marketing platforms. Creating content for content’s sake isn’t brave, it’s just stupid. And it won’t deliver what your business needs.   Some of the speakers at Contentable are North East entrepreneurs who have successfully exploited digital platforms to promote and grow their businesses.    Here’s some take aways from the morning session with Kieron Donoghue, Tommy Jackson and Paul Slater.   - Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content. Keep testing and if it doesn’t work, move on.  - Use your platforms to listen and follow conversations; you’ll soon discover what interests people and how you might be able to interact as a brand.

- Social media is the perfect place to provide customer service so invest in your resource to make this happen. 

- Automation can help if treated with care where the majority of interaction is humanised.  - Build communities by tapping into things that interest (don’t be afraid to hijack events and hashtags) and by ensuring your content is relevant and nicely presented. 

-  Always measure your activity or you have no idea of what is working and making the biggest difference to your bottom line.