Disappointed by the BBC

I've been a life-long supporter of the BBC - I was even interviewed by Sky News at the Edinburgh TV Festival in 1995 as an advocate of the licence fee! - but this week I feel sorely let down by 'Auntie'. Two things have really got to me and I know it's not just down to my hormones. I'll get them off my chest and hopefully out of my system.

Firstly, one of my favourite journalists, Andrew Marr, set me off with his interview of David Milliband. Despite my attempts to ignore it, his style seems to be getting a bit jaded and I couldn't help but shout at the TV when he asked Milliband if Labour doesn't need to do something radical and change its policies, as well as how it communicates them.

I might agree and I might suggest the same be said of all the parties but when it comes down to it, a communicator can try all different ways to get the message out there, however if the media continues to ask the same old questions in the same old way, what can you do? Thank goodness for social media and direct engagement with the public!

Secondly, and this is where the counselling is required, a journalist from a local BBC team (who shall remain nameless) created a story for Look North to provide (and I quote) 'titillation' for a programme two days later.  Based around the question of a merger that was totally unfounded and rebutted from the outset, the story was pursued to the detriment of each related piece and the overall feature, those involved and the public who were left with mixed messaging. No smoke without fire?  There was no fire in this case, I can tell you - just a journo scratching two pieces of wood together for an easy win.

So that's that.  I love the BBC and trust it to make good decisions within its age old inform, educate and entertain remit - a lovely summary of what it does, when it is doing the job well. Please don't let me down again!