Diversity on the Board - how do we achieve it?

When it comes to diversity on the Board, there is still a long way to go before there is parity between the sexes. So how do we address this? Here are few of the take aways from the interactive panel session on this topic at the IoD Women in Business Conference today.

Taking part were: Melanie Eusebe, founder of the Black British Business Awards; Amanda Bolt, founder of Boardroom Mum; Amanda Mackenzie, chief marketing & communications officer at Aviva and Allyson Zimmermann, executive director of Catalyst Europe.

- Everyone in an organisation has a responsibility to challenge the status quo and ask why there aren't more women on the Board.

- Senior managers need to ensure there are strong female role models available for others to learn from.

- Quotas can be one way to create change but accountability measures are much more effective.

- Cultural change is required. This is not about expecting female leaders to be more masculine in personality trait and having more confidence, but about male management pushing harder for a better balance and recognising the benefits this brings.

- Women need to have stronger profit centre skills in order to be able to compete with their male counterparts.

- Inclusive leadership is required to get more out of the management team, particularly if there is only one woman on the Board who could feel like an outsider.