Don't let Murdoch decide our fate - get wise & get voting

Over the years there have been many lengthy debates and motions relating to the stronghold of the big media corporations. It is not difficult to see how their influence could be detrimental to the industry and population at large if not challenged. Never has this been more strongly demonstrated than via today's report in The Independent, which uncovers a poll censored by The Sun showing support for the Liberal Democrats on the run up to the General Election:

As we all know, The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who publicly declared his support for the Conservatives in October last year. This move would therefore look to be a shameless attempt to suppress a strong wave of public support for the Liberal Democrats at a critical point in the election process - when Conservative support just happens to be on the wane.

Worth mentioning at this point are the two polls carried out for The Sun and Sky (both Murdoch-owned) post the two televised leaders' debates, which declared Cameron to be the winner - despite a general consensus that he was in fact trailing. Last night's Sky poll by YouGov will surely have done both organisations' credibility some serious long-term damage - with YouGov coming off worst.

Anyone searching today for information on last night's debate on the internet will see sponsored adverts at the top of the page again declaring Cameron to be the winner. It may be positive that the Tory Party has at last cottoned on to the opportunities that the online world offers, however as the general public is looking for honesty and integrity from its politicians, this would appear to be a spectacular own goal.

This year we have the possibility of a huge step change for the country, whichever party is elected. Many of us working in the media have long been aware of the issues caused by the overwhelming influence of Murdoch and others - but now is the time for the general public to be equally aware through the sharing of reports like this.

Let's not let media owners make the critical decisions for us - and there is no bigger decision than that of who should run our country.

Here's the call to action - now is the time for us to get wise and get voting!