Ethics are good for business

Keeping up with the news is one of the key jobs of a PR practitioner (a strong grasp of current affairs is essential) and as part of today's review of the papers it is pleasing to see an article in The Times stating that interest in the ethical stance of companies - and what they are giving back to their local communities - is growing. The piece, by Abhijeet Ahluwalia in the Money Matters section of the newspaper, reports that a recent study by the New York-based Reputation Institute found that 73 per cent of consumers in the 15 largest markets in the world are willing to recommend companies they believe have a positive stance on social responsibility.

The Reputation Institute has been able to rank the world's most reputable companies (these include Microsoft, Google, BMW and Walt Disney) and charitable donations have a large part to play in how high an organisation is listed.

The results of the survey add credence to the discussions we regularly have with clients about building corporate social responsibility into the very heart of an organisation's business strategy. What stands out to me is that the article also points out that not every business (or sector) is good at communicating their good work, making it hard for consumers to understand what their charitable claims really mean. Of course, that's where we can help...