Five life lessons that apply to business too

IMG_7018.JPG Being in business can be a lonely place especially if you're a sole trader.

Here are five life lessons that also apply to the world of work to help make things easier when the going gets tough.

1) Believe in yourself Confidence is key to moving forward in a positive way. There is nothing more crippling than doubt about the decisions you've made. Try to always do things for the right reasons and you won't go far wrong. If you do make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

2) Things happen if and when they're meant to Tennessee Williams said "Time is the longest distance between two places". While we're often told that speed is of the essence (particularly in business), sometimes it can seem your preferred destination is moving further away, rather than closer. Give it time, keep travelling and even if you don't ever get where you were going, you'll experience lots of other wonderful stop offs en route. And anyway, isn't life a never ending journey.

3) Common goals matter If you're working with others, make sure they have the same ambitions and desires as you, particularly when it's a partnership. Talking face to face regularly and honestly should be top of your list because discovering that you don't meet in the middle any more can damage even the strongest relationships - and that's a lot of wasted potential.

4) Be true to yourself A friend of mine said this to me recently and she is so right. Sometimes, for many reasons, you have to do what's right for you and that can involve hurting and disappointing others. Deal with the guilt, while easier said than done, it's like doubt and is an insidious emotion that stops you achieving.

5) Trust your judgement I make myself cross with this one. My instinct is pretty much unerringly right and I don't always listen to it. Trust your gut, it'll tell you when things are good and most importantly when you need to take care. You'll be so, so glad you did.