IT in the Community - NE councils work together to stop people missing out

Until I learned about a conference called IT in the Community, which is taking place from 1-2 December at the Sunderland Stadium of Light, I had very little knowledge about the Digital Britain report and how important it is for every UK citizen to have online access. For example, did you know that by using the internet, people can achieve up to £560 worth of cost savings per year and that it is proven that online access can improve educational performance, health and employment prospects? Those without it are evidently at a significant disadvantage.

This is why access to digital services is one of the main topics at the up and coming IT in the Community conference - which is free of charge to attend and open to everyone across the region - and much of the discussion will centre around how our local authorities are working together to ensure everyone has the same opportunities, whatever their postcode, as well as look at what more they can do.  The organiser, Sunderland City Council (one of four Beacons in the UK for Digital Inclusion), is bringing together an array of experts, including top name speakers from Microsoft and Cisco, to share best practice and highlight breakthrough technologies and training that can help make the internet available to everyone in the North East.

An interesting event in terms of how the internet is truly a part of and transforms modern life, this is also fascinating from a PR perspective.  As print media declines due to the number of people consuming online, imagine what will happen when the other 21% of the UK population who are not currently accessing the internet start to do so...

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