Lobby on behalf of clients? Read on...

If you're in PR and lobby or may be required to lobby on behalf of clients, you need to check out the following update from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR): The CIPR is committed to the self-regulation of lobbyists through the UK Public Affairs Council (UKPAC) of which we are a founding member. The UKPAC Register of lobbyists is now open and it is very important that CIPR members who lobby are registered by the end of January 2011, after which the government will begin consulting on its proposals for a statutory register.

Members can find out if they meet the UKPAC definition of a lobbyist here: http://www.publicaffairscouncil.org.uk/index.php/lobbying_definition/

And the CIPR’s FAQs for members can be found on the CIPR website at:http://www.cipr.co.uk/content/policy-resources/policy/ukpac