Meeting Jack Straw...the CIPR AGM

20130613-092123.jpg This morning I attended the CIPR Annual General Meeting at the Royal College of Physicians.

The step change that is happening at the CIPR is quite astonishing and exciting. I encourage everyone to find out more and support our industry body as it continues to modernise and looks to blaze new trails.

As part of the morning I was proud to act as ambassador for the CIPR North East committee which picked up the national / regional group of the year award.

The sectoral award went to the CIPR International group, while the sought after Stephen Tallents medal was given to Rob Brown, who has made a significant social media contribution to the Institute in recent years.

After the official business the guest speaker was the Right Hon. Jack Straw MP. Interestingly much of his presentation was based around engagement. Here are a few quotes:

"Opposition is about what you're saying, which you can broadly control. Government is about what you're doing and how you present that. Much more complex."

"Today you have to place great importance of authenticity. Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are popular because what you see is what you get. I survived as long as I did by being who I am and personal contact."

"Social media underlines an appetite from people for personal contact. It's fantastically important but if you're trying to close a sale, personal contact is more important than ever. We have to bother all the more so people can ascertain authenticity and the truth of what you're saying and know it's not the usual political codswallop."

"Lobbying is an essential part of our democracy."

"You need to speak in language people understand. Repetition is important. Tell it all and don't leave any question unanswered."