Narrowing the PR gender pay gap - the CIPR's four point plan

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.33.45The CIPR away day last week saw the Board discuss the strategic priorities for 2015. Top of the agenda was the PR gender pay gap following the results of the State of the Profession Survey, which show a clear discrepancy of £8,483 in favour of men.

Startingly, this is a figure that cannot be explained by any other factor such as length of service, seniority, parenthood, or a higher prevalence of part-time work among women. 

The CIPR has committed to tackling the issue head on and has published this four point plan, which sets out what the Institute intends to do to help employers narrow the pay gap going forwards.

We are an industry in which over two-thirds of practitioners are women and as such can no longer ignore the gender pay gap issue. Engagement around the State of the Profession survey has clearly shown that both members and non-members will no longer accept the status quo and are looking to the Institute to provide strong leadership.

As the CIPR's lead for its gender and diversity work, the call to action has very firmly been accepted. Our ambition is a bold one - to make the CIPR an exemplar for other sectors. However equal opportunities will only come with organisational change.

The CIPR will provide the guidance - the gauntlet is then thrown down to members, and the wider profession, to make this much needed change happen.