Neil Dunwoodie, Sky News talks news gathering & the impact of social

Neil is talking about news gathering and how social media has affected this at Sky: - news gathering technology has changed significantly. The digital world has transformed things giving anyone in the world the ability to be a reporter - Sky is now very much about mobile and not just a 24 hour rolling news channel. It has a digital news desk trawling social platforms for tip offs, stories and visual content - the Sunrise and Sky team regularly work hard to broadcast reports based purely on content sourced and filed by people involved with / close to incidents that are playing out - Sky use journalistic rigour to check out the voracity of each story so nothing goes on air that could damage the brand's reputation - Sky is campaigning to have cameras in courts but it is not permitted yet. The reporting of court proceedings is changing slowly however with Twitter feeds now acceptable - footage sourced from people on the ground is not paid for unless it is provided as an exclusive.

Due to wifi issues this is where the live blog will conclude today.