Northern Conference live blog - afternoon session one

CIPR CEO Jane Wilson is talking about the benefits of CIPR membership. She is using her presentation to launch the body's new publicly searchable register of public relations professionals.

Taken from a formal CIPR statement, the public relations register is being introduced to:

"underline the public benefit commitment in our Royal Charter: CIPR has a duty "to promote for the public benefit high levels of skill, knowledge, competence, and standards of practice and professional conduct on the part of public relations professionals".

The register will be a resource for clients, employers, other professions and the public. All members are accountable to the CIPR Code of Conduct and the Code itself will be presented alongside the register."

This, to my mind, is a good move. As an industry we need to ensure the business community understands that CIPR members are highly skilled, professional and accountable. This is about standards and ethics.

As the CIPR says, employers, clients and others should "be able to make a clear choice between regulated professionals who enjoy access to the career support offered by the CIPR and those who are not."

Well said.