Northern Conference live blog - afternoon session three

This workshop is called Digital Futures with Paul Mallett, digital strategic director at Brass. I continue to capture what I can:

Gartner hype cycle is a great model for looking at and analysing new technologies.

Can get great PR results from being in the vanguard and utilising a technology when it's in the mainstream. Need to consider stand out versus reach when campaign planning.

When planning understand where your consumers are at, what they do, how they gather info, how they buy things. Then work out how your organisation can be there. Look at how to drive participation and consider return on investment because all these things cost.

Being able to evaluate reach and engagement is key. It's also important to measure influence - for example to have confidence bloggers aren't just sharing messages within their own community but more widely. It's worth noting journalists continue to be very important online influencers.

The number of recommendation apps is increasing. There is real potential for future integration across key social / digital platforms.

People in different countries trust social recommendations differently - critical to bear in mind when planning international campaigns.

Interesting stats:

37% of people ask friends for recommendations on Facebook. However contrast this with the fact its reach is declining and it has an ageing demographic.

Pinterest has overtaken Twitter as a referral source of traffic. Google+ not yet acting as a challenger.

Where are the youngsters going? Twitter.

Social media will continue to be used for narratives and to take consumers on a journey.

QR codes are not rocking the world but augmented reality is starting to make a splash.

All in all quite an informative if slightly disjointed session. Unfortunately we had to end early to be seated for Max Clifford. Boo!