Northern Conference live blog - session 4

Key note speaker Nicola Green, director of communications at Telefónica UK, is now on the podium. What I'm taking from her talk:

Always align PR objectives to business objectives.

Ensure consumers understand what you stand for as a brand if you're generating a lot of buzz. Don't just launch and leave - consolidate your messaging.

Coherence, clarity and consistency are critical to success.

Address wider issues beyond core products and services to create industry leaders.

Walk the talk - make sure the whole business plays a part.

Monitor the news agenda to find issues that your organisation can help provide solutions for or get involved with in some way.

Think value exchange when communicating with customers especially where there is nervousness or criticism - for example, Telefónica has customer data and uses it to improve services, that's why extensive data gathering is required. It's an education process - explain, explain, explain.

Get board buy in for every comm's strategy and give them a comm's issue to oversee and comment on. It gives them ownership and a chance to get media profile too.

Deliver communications with urgency, clarity and coherence that dominate on an organisation's strengths (rather than react to weaknesses) and the wider UK agenda.

This was an interesting approach to achieving share of voice in a challenging marketplace. Good presentation!