Northern Conference live blog - session three

This panel with Rob Pittam from Robin Hood Media, Daniel Kennedy from Video News Agency and TV & Video Production specialist Neil Shand is on video broadcasting and chaired by Rob Brown. Daniel: Newspaper online video is seeing a growth surge and there is an increase in average viewing time. Referral traffic from Twitter and Facebook lead to the longest viewing time and largest number of views. Search engines are getting cleverer - websites need to be sticky and use engagement objects. Video comes into its own when you're targeting niche audiences - think of a fishing product reviewed by an angler sold into Fishing TV rather than sending releases to national press. Clever videos can enable highly targeted activity. Always make a video with the highest production values possible. Think about niche and longevity and consider a seeding budget if you need an extremely large number of views - ie pay to put your video in front of people!

Rob: When dealing with a video company, be clear on your brief. Think about script and imagery. The closer to completion you get, the harder (& more expensive it is) to change things. Use a professional wherever possible - they're trained to cover every element of the brief to the highest standard. Content is king.

Neil: The cost of producing video content has dropped with the advent of new technology. Retail TV channels are thriving. Online platforms are full of opportunity and video is great to pitch. A video on a website landing page makes it 52% more likely to be found on Google. Good video takes a particular skill set so it's always best to use professionals.

Not a bad panel with some useful facts shared but - despite being an advocate of corporate films - I'm not convinced I have anything new or compelling to take back to clients. A bit more on the front end thinking / creative process might have been helpful.