PRide prep - dressing the venue and the participants too!

Well it's that time of year again and despite now being well out of agency life, I have already been privy (in person and on Facebook) to the usual run up to PRide prep.  And of course we're talking here of that tricky issue of what dress to wear. (Current thinking is that I will opt for a cheeky yellow number although the option is to default to classic black!) What I happen to know from years on the CIPR NE committee and having hosted three PRide events as CIPR NE Chair, while many are hitting the high street to dress to impress, for the organisers, it's all about the last minute details at the venue, speech writing, trophy checking and run throughs.  It takes hours of voluntary time to make it happen - and that's on top of the full time, fantastic support offered by the team at CIPR HQ.

As always, this year's NE PRide Awards look set to be bigger and better than ever and after a challenging 12 months, the regional industry certainly deserves this opportunity to milk its achievements and have a good old knees up.  Keep an eye out for the winners and an ear peeled for the stories (guaranteed gossip!) post Friday night!