Re-Think! Conference was a real 'Tweet'

It was a real pleasure yesterday to manage the Twitter feed (@FAtoFinance) for the 'Re-Think! Future Access to Finance' conference organised by Northumbria University's Newcastle Business School in collaboration with North East Access to Finance (NEA2F). A highly interactive event, the conference explored the demand and supply constraints around SME access to finance and engaged with businesses, banks, venture capitalists and business angels to discuss opportunities and interventions for the future. More information can be found here:

Feedback has already been incredibly positive and it has been fantastic to see the value that the university's business school and investment fund body clearly place on social media.

It was also lovely to receive this message of thanks from Stephen Lightley, the chief operating officer of NEA2F just now:

Dear Sarah

I am writing on behalf of Graham Thrower and the Board of North East Access to Finance Limited to thank you for taking part in the conference on Access to Finance at Northumbria University yesterday.

Feedback on the event is that it was very well received by all present, and it was an important step for both NEA2F and Newcastle Business School in terms of publicising the research and promoting the debate.  Most importantly, it is a precursor to some tangible outcomes that we aim to progress in conjunction with the University in the near future.

We are extremely grateful for the work done by the Business School, both in the research project itself and in organising the event, and for the sponsorship provided by Ward Hadaway and Deloitte.  However the success of the conference was also due to the personal contribution of a number of key individuals, and we wanted to thank you personally for all the work you put into the event.

We hope to build on the success of yesterday’s event. We are currently consulting widely on future innovations and interventions in Access to Finance, as we continue to plan the next generation of funds for the North East, and we look forward to working with you on this.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Lightley

Chief Operating Officer