Ready for the ice queen? Here comes the carnival!

Whatever you're doing on New Year's Eve - make sure you set aside from 2pm to 6pm to Carrrrrrnival in town with the best of them! I've just learned about the Festive Winter Carnival in Newcastle on 31st December, which combines a vibrant parade with traditional celebrations, including a fireworks display at the end. Wrap up warm, by all means - but be sure the dancing will help get the body heated through!

What's particularly exciting about the parade is that it will feature a specially commissioned, never seen before, Newcastle Ice Queen - to be joined by the Latin American PachaMama and a South East Asian Peacock Queen, who has her own huge golden tiger. Not for the faint-hearted and perfect for those who like fun, excitement and their imagination fired up! Check out for all the background details...

The carnival is being organised by NewcastleGateshead Initiative as part of the Culture 10 word-class programme of events and festivals for North East England and is presented in association with Walk The Plank, which is famed for its spectacular theatrical events. Can't get much better than that. I'll certainly be there showing my support. In three layers, a duffle coat, scarf, gloves and hat (despite the dancing), of course!