Roll up, roll up, media wind up merchant comes to town

Fancy learning a new skill?  Chris Atkins, one of the biggest media wind up merchants, is coming to town as part of Northern Lights Film Festival. He and his producer Christina Slater are holding a boot camp so PRs, marketers and interested members of the public can learn how to create stunts that will capture people's and the media's attention - even when the subject is as dry as you like! The use of social networks will be an over-riding theme so it'll be fascinating and ground-breaking stuff.

Chris and his team are well known for causing chaos having organised the Mass Lone Protests with Mark Thomas when the government forced members of the public to ask permission to protest outside parliament. They also pretended to be feminist protestors against Miss Great Britain to get attention for the event.

BAFTA-nominated Chris is the director of Starsuckers, which will screen at the Tyneside Cinema as part of the festival.  The documentary charts how he created fake media stories and watched them spread like wildfire among rival publications. A lesson in how the tabloids (and others) sometimes need to check their facts!

Anyway the session and the film are definitely worth a look at, especially if you're up for a giggle at the media's expense, whether or not you want to participate and get your hands dirty.