St James's Park name debacle

I'm sure it's not just me balking at the ridiculous name debacle surrounding St James's Park, led by owner, Mike Ashley. As a PR, I'd admittedly be happy if people could get the apostrophe in the right place (it'll never happen) but I am also one of many taking exception to the blatant revenue grab that could see the hallowed football ground named after any old company / brand willing to throw money at it.

Imagine watching a match at the Viagra Stadium.  Enough to make anyone stand up straight.  And we wouldn't want the players to peak too early either. Not sure WeightWatchers would be appropriate knowing the fans' fondness for pie and peas.  And what next, would this mean the local Metro stop's name would be altered too?

Basically, this isn't about adding status to the Club, as is claimed, it's just a sad attempt to claw in some money.  This is something I would usually applaud as sound commercial thinking, but it's a bad day when it denigrates a well-loved brand and further irritates the fans when they are Ashley's main revenue drivers.  It'll be a brave business that throws its hat into the ring, for sure.