Talk it up - be on the up!

20120531-204934.jpg Hugely privileged to present today to the Northern Deanery about the importance of branding and the role of PR in recruitment.

The Northern Deanery plays a critical role in training doctors and dentists across the North East and Cumbria, attracting top talent to live and work here. As such, it makes a significant economic contribution to the region.

Today's presentation covered what makes a brand (complete with traditional Venn diagram!), why branding is important and key brand attributes and values. It's always interesting to look at successful brand examples and a great reminder of the amount of effort it takes to consistently achieve a strong identity alongside a strong product or service and to generate positive perceptions. A focused, sustained and collaborative effort is required by everyone in the organisation.

We then talked about PR, what it is and how it can help win the war for talent. An exercise in how to identify PR opportunities and build these into media-friendly packages generated some fantastic ideas that I look forward to seeing brought to life.

With a clip of Kevin Costner from Field of Dreams thrown in to boot - "If you build it, they will come!" - all in all an enjoyable and exciting workshop with some fantastic new contacts made.