The PR gender pay gap - what to do next

Not quite reality The recent CIPR State of the Profession survey revealed an average gender pay gap of £12,000 in favour of men. I blogged about it here. 

So, what to do next?

At 12.30pm on Friday 7 March, in advance of International Women's Day, the CIPR is holding a dedicated Twitter chat dedicated to this very subject.

We'll be debating things like whether women are in part responsible for the discrepancy in pay, whether PR as a flexible career that is perfect for mums is a myth that should be busted and what we need to ask PR bosses to make the working environment a fairer place. And much, much more.

We need your input on what the issues are and what the solutions are too so please do join in. Let's release the elephant in the room into the wild. You can follow the discussion through the hashtag #CIPRCHAT. See you there!