Uncovering hidden gems

20120616-071800.jpg Working in PR is a fascinating business, particularly agency side. With a diverse range of clients and businesses to deal with, part of the fun (and challenge) is that you don't quite know where each day will lead you and who you'll be speaking to / what you'll be writing about.

The PR carried out for auctioneers and valuers Anderson & Garland is a great example of this as you never know which hidden gem is going to come up for sale next.

In their forthcoming Fine Art & Antiques Auction which runs 19-21 June, we've already uncovered a rare Japanese Rolleiflex 'Urushi' camera (one of just 65 in the world), a tapestry by Queen Victoria and some wonderful, as yet unseen, photo's of BBC shows from the 1950s taken by esteemed photographer Kenneth Clayton (see Bob Monkhouse above).

What's more, we've been able to take a look at the type of people who go to auctions - from those in the trade seeking re-sell items to collectors and those just looking for a special something / item of furniture for the home.

It's been a pleasure sharing these stories and top tips guides on how to navigate auctions successfully with the media to great success.

For more information, please visit Anderson and Garland.