Your #PRStack ebook: a go to guide for PRs

   Back in February, Ketchum Partner and Chief Engagement Officer Stephen Waddington launched #PRStack, a crowd sourced directory of over 200 PR tools mapped against workflow. 

He's now at it again, this time with a #PRStack ebook, which I've been fortunate to contribute to alongside 18 others.

The ebook contains a range of case studies, which demonstrate how different tools add value to whichever part of the process you're in and provide a step by step guide to implementation. 

The case studies are all broken down under general headings to make the ebook easy to navigate and so you can quickly find what you need:

  • Social listening and planning
  • Content
  • Curation
  • Building relationships online
  • Example #PRStack workflows 
  • Project management.

A different article will be posted by Stephen every day. My submission looks at how to use Hemingway Editor to sharpen your written content and goes live on 2nd June.

My thanks go to Stephen for the opportunity to contribute and to the team at Prezly for helping to develop the app and ebook, which I personally find helpful. It's a great initiative to be part of.