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CIPR National Conference 2018

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Accountable Leadership and Social Purpose

In times of change and turmoil, brands need to work harder to gain and maintain legitimacy within society. This year’s National Conference will explore accountable leadership, ethical frameworks and how social purpose can link to organisational objectives for the greater good.

The conference is aimed at experienced PR professionals and will attract delegates from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Included in the ticket price is full day conference access to a wide variety of speakers and interactive workshops, as well as multiple networking opportunities.

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The Debating Group: Business best serves society by focusing on its bottom line

The Debating Group has been holding debates in the House of Commons since 1975. We bring marketers, politicians, journalists and the public together to discuss the contentious political issues which surround marketing.

We hold around six debates a year, usually in Committee Room 10 of the House of Commons.

Sponsor: Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Motion: Business best serves society by focusing on its bottom line

In the chair: Rt Hon Lord McNally

For the motion

Dr Jamie Whyte Research Director, Institute of Economic Affairs
Valentina Kristensen Director of Growth and Communications, Oaknorth Bank

Against the motion

Sarah Hall CIPR 2018 President, Sarah Hall Consulting Ltd
Professor Anne Gregory Chair of Corporate Communication, Huddersfield Business School

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Leeds Trinity’s Journalism and Media Week 2018

Improving PR’s reputation: How Max Clifford and Malcolm Tucker created the biggest PR fraud of our time.

Come the f**k in, or f**k the f**k off: How Malcolm Tucker and Max Clifford committed the greatest PR fraud of our time. What do Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster, David Mellor's Chelsea Strip, The Thick of It and Edina Monsoon have in common? Come and swap fact with fiction to find out how these (and more) have contributed to PR miseducation, and what the job actually entails today.

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PR with integrity

  • Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, City Campus East (map)
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Think you know what public relations is? Perhaps it’s time to think again.

NIBE is delighted to announce a new compelling event featuring President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for 2018, Sarah Hall.

At this event, industry expert Sarah Hall will discuss PR with purpose, considering:

  • The role of PR in helping bring together a fractured society

  • How linking social purpose to organisational objectives is a commercial imperative

  • The role of brands in addressing the fake news crisis

Sarah will expand on accountable leadership and social purpose and the role PR has in that, and how this links to commercial success.

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Channel Islands PR Forum 2018: The Value of PR by Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CI) Group

In celebration of CIPR Channel Islands reaching its 10th anniversary, we're hosting a half day event of keynote speakers, panel debates and networking focused on how communications professionals can demonstrate value to the organisations they serve. 

The Channel Islands PR Forum is now in its fourth year and this September we will be in Jersey providing local communications professionals with the opportunity to discuss the latest in measurement and evaluation alongside experts from across the UK and Channel Islands.

The order of the day:

  1. Networking sandwich lunch from 12.15pm

  2. Forum introduction and keynote speeches from 1pm

  3. Tea/coffee break

  4. Interactive panel session

  5. Post-event networking drinks from 5pm

  6. Evening dinner from 7pm (optional extra)

Contributors include:

  • Sarah Hall, CIPR President

  • Richard Bagnall, Chair of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC)

  • Jason MacKenzie, Managing Director of Curzon PR

  • Daniel Rowles, CEO of Target Internet

  • Jenny Caven, Head of External Affairs, Slimming World

  • Mark Oliphant, Chair of CIPR Channel Islands

The event is open to CIPR Members and non-Members and the booking options include Member discounts, earlybird offer and the option of an evening meal with the speakers.

Join us and our partners for what promises to be an interesting, informative and fun celebration of the value of PR. 

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CIPR Northern conference

Northern Conference is back for 2018. Hosted in Newcastle by CIPR North East, with support from its colleagues at CIPR North West and CIPR Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, the event is set to be bigger and better than ever before.

Taking place on Friday 13th July 2018 at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle, the event will follow the exciting theme of PR: The Art and Science of Engagement.  With headline speakers, breakout sessions and workshops, as well as panel debates and emerging tech presentations, followed by drinks receptions and networking opportunities, Northern Conference is a must-do for any PR practitioner.

For full details and tickets visit here

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The Era of Women: The Drive to Achieving Balance

Join us for a fascinating panel discussion to also mark 100 Years from the Suffragette Movement.

Back in 1918: what would the English women queuing to cast their first vote have thought of the gender-pay rows storming through the BBC’s corridors 100 years later? Do parents of young girls around the world today really accept that it will at least take two more centuries until their daughter’s intellectual and economic worth is deemed equal to their sons? And can any of us endorse that females today –from toddlers in nurseries to seasoned professionals in boardrooms – will have their ambitions stymied by a society that has missed the point?

As best said by former-US President Barack Obama: “Empowering women is not just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do.” It is the necessary thing to do.

And yet, signs that we are going backwards are emerging. For the first time since records began in 2006, the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report finds the parity gap across health, education, politics and the workplace widening.

  • How far are we from the ‘Women’s Era’?
  • What are the most significant barriers to female leadership and how can we overcome them?
  • How can women operate in male dominated senior networks?
  • How can we move beyond narrow categorisations of women?
  • What is Athena40 and what does it symbolise?
  • Why is it important to promote forward thinking women?
  • Are women better in effecting positive social impact?
  • What are we missing out on by not maximizing the talents of both genders?
  • Where is the conversation today in regards with women’s advancement?
  • What is the role of culture and stereotypes in gender equality?


The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC - Commonwealth Secretary-General

Sarah Hall - President, CIPR
Christina Lamb - Correspondent, The Sunday Times
Justine Lutterodt FRSA - Director & Leadership Consultant, Centre for Synchronous Leadershi
Prof. Saskia Sassen - Columbia University
Elif Şafak / Elif Shafak - Author, Columnist, Speaker & Academic
Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE - Managing Director, ASAP
Elizabeth Filippouli - Founder & CEO, Global Thinkers, Global Thinkers Forum & Global Thinkers Mentors

Purchase tickets HERE

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Lessons from the past 70 years and how we can use them to shape the future.

  • Universities UK Woburn House 20 Tavistock Square London WC1H 9HQ UK (map)
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This year the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

To mark this occasion the CIPR's Education and Skills group is holding a special panel debate, on social mobility and education on Thursday, 26 April at UUK in Tavistock Square, London.

Panel members will include Kuldeep Mehmi, Chair of the Shadow Board at the Taylor Bennett Foundation and Emran Mian, Director of Strategy and Social Mobility at the Department of Education. The panel will be chaired by Sarah Hall, Managing Director of Sarah Hall Consulting and CIPR President 2018.

The theme of the discussion will be the lessons from the past 70 years and how we can use them to shape the future.

Book your tickets now to join in the debate.

This event is credited with 5 CPD points.

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Why is there a talent crisis in public relations?

There is a talent crisis in public relations. Every senior communicator identifies the recruitment of enough and appropriately skilled talent and one of their top business challenges. But why is recruitment such a problem in PR? And what are the solutions to this crisis? This event will examine the causes and potential solutions to PRs recruitment problem.

Details and Tickets


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Fake News, Ethics, and Professionalism in PR

October 2017 is #Ethicsfest month, 31 days in which ethics is a talking point for all members of the CIPR. And in the North East, the CIPR regional group is proud to be taking part in that discussion. As a dog isn’t only for Christmas, ethics isn’t only for October’s #Ethicsfest but should be permanently front of mind in all we do as practitioners, so we are continuing the debate in November with this event that is all about Fake News, Ethics and Professionalism in PR.

Open to both CIPR members and non-members, in the event, we will be looking at ethics in a practical context, with some of the region's leading PR and advertising practitioners,

They will look at Fake News, Ethics and Professionalism in PR and share their views on the implications for brands and organisations when digital campaigns go wrong. Looking at the consequences of fake news, ad misplacement, some of the simple misjudgements brands and organisations make with digital content, how to safeguard against such reputational damage and how we can mitigate risks in a digital world of automation, programmatic targeting and native advertising.

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