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Fake News, Ethics, and Professionalism in PR

October 2017 is #Ethicsfest month, 31 days in which ethics is a talking point for all members of the CIPR. And in the North East, the CIPR regional group is proud to be taking part in that discussion. As a dog isn’t only for Christmas, ethics isn’t only for October’s #Ethicsfest but should be permanently front of mind in all we do as practitioners, so we are continuing the debate in November with this event that is all about Fake News, Ethics and Professionalism in PR.

Open to both CIPR members and non-members, in the event, we will be looking at ethics in a practical context, with some of the region's leading PR and advertising practitioners,

They will look at Fake News, Ethics and Professionalism in PR and share their views on the implications for brands and organisations when digital campaigns go wrong. Looking at the consequences of fake news, ad misplacement, some of the simple misjudgements brands and organisations make with digital content, how to safeguard against such reputational damage and how we can mitigate risks in a digital world of automation, programmatic targeting and native advertising.